The Client Targeting Agency


THE CLIENT TARGETING AGENCY is a partnership which takes a break-through technological process and makes it avaliable to attorneys and law firms to specifically target the clients they want.


Our agency is a consortium of individuals with decades of combined experience in the areas of marketing and legal services.

Wayne Miller is a marketing professional with thirty years of experience helping clients reach their marketing goals through digital and traditional marketing. He owns PrintMarketing, LLC  -- a print and interactive marketing agency, helping businessess develop and implement high-impact, low-cost marketing strategies by combining the newest in digital technology with time-tested marketing strategy.     

Joel Harbinson and Caryn Brzkycy, of Harbinson, Brzykcy, and Corbett, LLP, Attorneys at Law, are partners in a general trial practice firm established in 1979 with offices in Taylorsville and Statesville, North Carolina.

Joel Harbinson, who has an AV rating with Martindale Hubbell, has nearly four decades of experience in criminal, domestic, and personal injury cases. He has been marketing his legal services since legal advertising became acceptable by the bar and is familiar with virtually every form of legal marketing.       

Caryn Brzykcy has over twenty years of experience in medical malpractice, workers compensation, and social security disability cases. She contributes her knowledge and skill in compliance and ethics to the agency.


Together, we offer the next technological step in the evolutionary process in legal marketing -- the ability to identify, target, and reach potential clients directly through their personal computers, devices, and smartphones.

 THE CLIENT TARGETING AGENCY has contracting rights in the area of legal services with a technology firm, which has patented the processing of data through the use of public information and algorithms enabling them to match home addresses with IP addresses. Once we have a particular IP address, we can display your banner ads on every computerized device, including smartphones, at that address. We can target people (such as those injured as listed in accident reports) as well as places (such as major trauma centers, hospitals, pain clinics, courthouses, and businesses). We can then offer to display your banner ads on the devices of those people targeted. 


 We can take the same lists of accident victims that are identified every day for direct mail purposes, choose the ones with significant injuries, and begin the process of displaying your banner ads on those individuals' home computers and mobile devices. This can be done as long and as often as you desire.


 We can put a technological "fence" around any physical address and "ping" individuals visiting this location and send them your banner ads -- the number and length of time that you determine. Think -- if you could stand outside a certain place and hand out your business card to everybody who entered, what places would you choose to reach the most potential clients?


We can show your ads on Facebook to the customers you choose to target based on your ideal customer profile, targeting the people you want to reach. We can even expand it to apps and websites other than Facebook -- using the same Facebook categories you choose for your particular legal practice. 

KEYWORD RE-TARGETING: We can show a user your display ad based on the keywords you choose. If a user searches for your keywords, or visits webpages that have content related to keywords, not only can we display your banner ads, but we can continue to "follow" that user around the web with the user continually seeing your ads until they choose to click on it.


Domestic/Family Law attorneys may choose courthouses, malls, and movie theaters in the geographical area where they practice. Criminal Defense attorneys may choose bars, nightclubs, stadiums, arenas, courthouses, jails, detention centers, and even police departments. Social Security Disability/Workers Compensation attorneys may choose medical clinics, orthopedists, chiropractors, hospitals, trauma centers, and pain clinics. There is no limitation. Nobody knows your market better than you.  

Literally, you can pick and choose what individuals and what locations you want to reach. In our opinion, THE CLIENT TARGETING AGENCY is the best complement to your current marketing strategies, such as Google, TV commercials, and direct mail. Actually, we may be more effective and less expensive.


Unlike Google, THE CLIENT TARGETING AGENCY does not require the action of the potential client to search for you on the Internet to be "successful."  

Unlike TV commercials, you don't have to waste money advertising to a large group hoping that the few individuals who need your services will be watching. Unlike direct mail, banner ads can give multiple impressions (as many as you want over what time period you choose) rather than a single-shot "hit or miss" approach.  

We believe THE CLIENT TARGETING AGENCY incorporates the best of each of these marketing techniques -- the computer access of Google, the visual impression of TV, and the personal contact of direct mail -- to introduce you to your next clients. 


1.  We help you develop the type of IP targeting that best suits your marketing goals. 

2.  We help you develop the type of banner ad to best achieve those goals. 

3. We help you determine the number and the duration you want your banner ads to appear on the devices of your chosen market.

4. We make sure your banner ads appear on many common apps such as news and weather sites. (Check your Weather Channel app, for instance, for the type of banner ads that generally appear on that site.)

5. We provide you with a log-in to your own account so you can follow in real time the number of impressions and clicks your particular campaign generates.  


We originated a Mobile Conquesting campaign for our law firm -- a general criminal and civil trial practice in just one county -- with geofencing being the courthouse, the dentention center/magistrate's office, a local Walmart, and two local medical centers as well as a few behavioral categories. The national average click through rate for display ads is .07%. As you can see, based on our campaign, we are getting a click through rate 8 TIMES the national average!


Representatives of THE CLIENT TARGETING AGENCY will be happy to meet with you and your staff at your convenience to discuss this concept further and answer any of your questions.  We would love for you to contact us to set up a meeting. 

We look forward to working with you!